Once Upon a Time…

Dynamics NAV 2013 Job Queue/Web Services uses UTC time zone

Recently, I had an issue with a job that was running under Job Queue logging the time when the job ran on records in NAV with the wrong date/time.  I assumed that this was due to NAV storing date/time records in the database in UTC, but after futher investigation, I found that it was actually storing the values in UTC x 2!

After quite a bit of research, I finally figured out that the problem was due to a setting in the Serivce Tier for the “Services Default Time Zone”.  Out of the box when you setup a new Service Instance, the default setting is “UTC”.  You will want to change this to “Server Time Zone” so that when Job Queue or Web Services is used, date/time values are actually stored in the database as UTC, but shown on the client in the correct local time.

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