Perform a SQL Backup for Dynamics NAV

Perform a SQL Backup for Dynamics NAV

Many companies today have an automated backup system, but still there are occasions when you need to manually create a backup of your Dynamics NAV SQL database. The following will outline the steps needed to perform this task.

Login to SQL Server Management Studio

Once you login to SQL, highlight the database you want to back up and right click.

When you right click, select Tasks –Back up…

On the General tab, click Add and use the assist button to select a backup destination for your database file.  Once you have the Selected Path specified, enter the File Name ending with .bak and click OK.

On the General tab, check the Copy-only Backup box. A copy-only backup is a SQL Server backup that is independent of the sequence setup for the conventional SQL Server backups. Taking a backup usually changes the database and affects how later backups are restored. By selecting the Copy-only Backup we are not affecting the overall backup and restore procedures for this database.

On the Options tab, change the Set backup compression to Compress Backup. Compressing a backup typically requires less device I/O and which in turn increases backup speed significantly. There is a performance impact since compression increases CPU usage. This might negatively impact other concurrent operations.

Click OK to start the backup.

Once the backup is complete, you should receive a pop-up notification letting you know the backup has been finished successfully.

You now have successfully learned how to make a backup for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV database.

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