Prevent Unauthorized Access Through NAV Menu

Until you have defined those roles and permissions, there is a quick way to keep the average users out of most of Microsoft Dynamic’s setup tables, or other areas they should not have easy access to.

When you’re running Classic Client most users know how to hide and show the menu sections in the Navigation pane. But if they hide for instance the Administration section because they should never be in there, they can still un-hide that and have it back in their menu, allowing them to do damage they probably don’t realize.

The following video walks you through how to permanently remove those menu sections for certain users, without them being able to show back in the Navigation pane.

This un-assigning of menu sections makes it clearer for users to navigate around in Dynamics NAV, and it takes away easy access to most of the setup tables, but NOT ALL of them! If you want to make sure they have no permissions to modify setup table, it requires the roles and permissions to be defined and assigned to the Dynamics NAV users.


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