Public Service Announcement: NAV 2016 CU Updating & Azure SQL Gotcha!

Deploying Dynamics NAV 2016 in Azure is great.  Deploying Dynamics NAV 2016 in Azure using an Azure SQL Database is awesome. But, there’s always a but unfortunately, I just ran across a little gotcha that I haven’t seen documented by Microsoft anywhere.  The gotcha – when attempting to apply a cumulative update that requires a database conversion, when you open the Azure SQL DB with the new build of the development client you will receive this warning:

You must convert the database before it is deployed to a SQL Azure server.

Kinda of funny how they chose to word it since the database is already deployed and it’s a warning and not an error, and you can’t get around it. Since the first paragraph is identical to the normal conversion required warning message, I clicked OK before reading that last line a couple of times and wondered why the heck the DB wouldn’t convert – doh! Hopefully this is something that they figure out how to do quickly as it becomes untenable to attempt to stay current if it requires many hours of downtime to export – convert – re-import a sizable database to SQL Azure. Before committing to updating your database to your client/management be sure to check if it will require a database conversion.

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