Quick Entry in Dynamics NAV makes data entry convenient and efficient!

Not a new feature in 2016, but now available in the Web Client as well, Quick Entry will help you increase efficiency when entering data. This is especially true on Sales, Purchase, and Production or Service documents and also works on card pages for master records and journals too. Combine this with hiding/re-arranging fields and I guarantee you will enter data a lot faster!

To hide or show fields, change the order or set the Quick Entry stops in the Windows Client, open the customization page:

On the customization page, select Fast Tabs and show/hide any Fast Tabs you do not require (e.g. “Foreign Trade” on Purchase Order). Then select the Fast Tab to customize further and click “Customize FastTab”.

Hide/Show fields as needed and check the Quick Entry (TRUE) on those fields you want to enable the feature on. This will allow you to move to the next field by hitting <ENTER>. Make sure you are not hiding essential fields. Make sure the field order makes sense for efficient data entry, e.g. the “Bin Code” field should follow the “Location Code” field and not the other way around. You may customize all FastTabs of the document Header as well as the Lines. Click “Restore Defaults” to start over or revert to the initially deployed setup.

Some fields should not be removed as they provide essential information – and here Quick Entry comes into play. For example, there is no need to include the “Quantity Received” and “Quantity Invoiced” fields on the Purchase Line in the Quick Entry as they are non-editable, but instead are system-updated and provide important information about received/invoiced quantities. You may want to change the default and exclude them from Quick Edit. Enable or disable Quick Entry on other fields as needed. Close with “OK”.

Test the change by pressing <ENTER> after populating a field or selecting a value – the cursor/focus moves to the next field that is a Quick Entry field as opposed to the <TAB> key that moves one field at a time to the next tab stop. Note that partially collapsed Fast Tabs (“Show more fields”) do not automatically expand and any Quick Entry field that is not visible will be skipped.

To test the change, create a new Purchase Order and observe Quick Entry on “Buy-from Vendor No.”, “Posting Description” and “Posting Date” fields, then move to the Lines FastTab.

Windows Client

Web Client

If you are using the Web Client, Microsoft currently wants you to login to the Windows Client to personalize any page as far as fields shown and Quick Entry stops are concerned. If you do not have a Windows Client available, contact your admin to set this up for you – they can also set this for all users in the Development Environment.

Quick Entries did not work on my Android phone client and may not be available in the Universal App – I did not have a tablet on hand to test with extended soft keyboard. You test and let me know! However, I would wager that for those kinds of applications the user will be more likely to accept touch and scrolling events than on a classic desktop scenario and physical keyboard.

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