Retire your filing cabinet farm, store documents electronically and save money with Zetadocs Captur

I frequently read about add-on products for NAV but rarely do I get to see anything written on an actual customer that is using the product. More likely I just find generic marketing materials. I am looking to change that by sharing what was accomplished on Phase 1 of a Document Management project for one of our customers. They implemented Zetadocs Capture Plus Document Management from Equisys.

Capture Plus has allowed the customer to easily scan and attach documents to Purchase Orders, which makes the paperwork accessible for all employees right from their desk. No more filing the paperwork in physical filing cabinets and getting up to try to locate paperwork. Costs to purchase additional filing cabinets(where documents can easily end up misfiled) or cost for the space they take up in your office are eliminated. Costs to process documents and retrieve them is also reduced and interactions with vendors related to invoices will take place more quickly. WIN WIN WIN!

The implementation of Capture Plus allows the customer to enter a stack of Purchase Orders into NAV and print a barcodes and place on the first page of each invoice.  The whole stack of invoice paperwork is then placed on a network scanner which scans the pages in a run and places the electronic file into a ‘Document Queue folder’. The software then splits the file into one file per invoice each time it reads a new barcode, shows the document the file should be linked to, and names the files each with a Prefix of ‘pinv’(which is definable). The automatic process assists users in identifying the type of attachment.  Then with click of a button, the files are archived to the NAV Purchase Orders and SharePoint (Network drive locations can also be used) by Document Type, Customer, and Date (also configurable).

Beyond that, the customer can drag and drop files to attach, select documents from folder locations,  and scan documents right from the Purchase Order into the archive.  Documents can also be scanned into the queue without a barcode and used to a  create or link to a new Purchase Blanket Order, Purchase Order, Purchase Credit Memo, quote, or return order.

Phase 2 for this customer includes sales, contract, and work order document management functionality along with customizations for Purchase Journals.

Sounds like something your company could benefit from? Contact us at for more information.

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