Revaluation Journal

When you need to adjust the value of an Item in Dynamics NAV, use the Revaluation Journal. This journal will allow you to change the value or cost layer of a particular inventory entry. For example, if you have an item with purchases of $9 but a positive adjustment was entered with a cost of $12.44 then to change the unit cost for the $12.44 cost layer, follow the following steps:

Please note: You cannot use the Revaluation Journal when the costing method of the item is Average.

1. Go to the Item that you need to revalue and navigate to the Item Ledger Entries then locate the entry number for the cost layer you are wanting to adjust. Capture the Item Ledger Entry number to be used in the Revaluation Journal.

2. Click on Purchase then choose Inventory & Costing then select Revaluation Journals.

3. Open your Revaluation Journal then enter the Document No. and Item No.

4. Use the assist button to populate the Applies-to Entry field. Notice that the posting date will change to the date of the cost layer.

5. Enter the corrected cost in either the Unit Cost (Revalued) –if valuing on a per unit basis, or the Inventory Value (Revalued) fields –if you want the system to calculate the unit cost for you.

6. Once you have populated your journal you may click Posting -> Post to post the journal and revalue the items.

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