Sana Commerce – e-commerce for Dynamics NAV

Sana Commerce is an integrated e-Commerce (webshop) platform for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Sana has over 1,000 webshops implemented delivering B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) e-commerce solutions.

E-commerce helps wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers to start or grow their online business and provide better customer service.

Benefits and Features

  1. Set up in days, not weeks or months with a pre-deployed, fully functional Starter Site which means ROI happens sooner.

  2. Real time integration- no synching to get orders into NAV or to get pricing.

  3. Seamlessly integrated- interfaces are partially implemented within Dynamics and certified by Microsoft. This means business logic doesn’t have to be maintained and updated in two systems (your ERP and e-commerce solution). Being integrated versus interfaced means time and money spent creating interfaces, paying for programming every time you want to make a change to the business logic, and maintaining the system is saved. You have only one system to maintain, not two like you would have if you purchased an e-commerce solution that was interfaced, not integrated.

  4. Adds content management possibilities for web store.

  5. Can be set up as an online retail store for consumers (B2C), as a Sales Portal for business customers or sales agents (B2B) or both (B2X).

  6. Pricing is calculated by NAV, not by a mirrored process in the e-commerce product so the Invoice, Line, and volume pricing is available in real-time from the webshop and can be viewed by the customer. Visibility of volume discounts for example, give your customer the information they need to decide on ordering a larger quantity in order to recognize a bigger discount.

  7. Allowing customers to place orders online means 24/7 availability for customer self-service, the ability to handle more orders with less staff, higher accuracy of orders with fewer errors, access to detailed product information for customers, and the ability for customers to see the status of their orders as well as their order history. All of this means better customer service for your customers.

  8. Accept payments via one of many payment gateways including PayPal or allow the customer to put the order ‘On account’.

  9. Allows customers to create Order Templates to help facilitate fast ordering for products ordered on a regular basis.

  10. Allows customers to quickly place ‘Re-Orders’ of products from previous quotes, orders, or invoices.

  11. Conversion is increased by related products, check-out offers, coupons and discounting as calculated through Dynamics NAV.

  12. Business customers can see their customer specific pricing and ordering lists.

  13. Show multiple product images and product specifications for customers and have Sana automatically resize images for display. Allows zoom on an image to make sure your customers can see products in more detail.

  14. Handles variants like size, color and style. The data comes from NAV so no managing two sets of information in your ERP and e-commerce solution.

  15. Customers can use a bar code scanner to add product to their shopping cart.

  16. Setup product relations like spare parts and accessories to take advantage of cross and up-selling opportunities.

  17. Stock information is available from the webshop.

  18. Setup customer specific assortments. Show the customer product lists specific to them.

  19. Prepayments you define in NAV for customers are handled through your webshop.

  20. Webshops are professionally styled and designed can be customized by your staff without having to be a programmer or techie.

  21. Integrated (faceted) search option takes business data from NAV and web content from Sana into account when filtering search results to the desired products. The Sana Commerce front-end editor allows for user-friendly content management, right from within the storefront of your webshop. Change themes, fonts, translations.

  1. Sana offers mobile order taking from your tablet or cell phone. The app is available through the app stores of Android and iOS. This means your customers can place their orders from anywhere and salespeople in the field can look up stock, get additional product information, take orders, and check on the status of orders right from in front of the customer.

  2. The mobile product allows offline functionality when you can’t be connected to the internet. Sana will store the information locally and once you are back on-line, it can be synchronized with a simple click.

  3. Setup webshop security for who can access and modify Product Content, Orders, Marketing, Mobile, and Shop Accounts.

  4. Sana offers additional services for advice on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online marketing, hosting, online payment provides, and graphic design.

  5. Multi-language, multiple currencies, and multi-stores are available.

This is by no means a full list of benefits and features. A demo can really help you dive deeper into the full and rich functionality Sana Commerce offers.

What customers are saying

Sana’s ERP integration enables us to sell online, without changing our back office processes”

Ramon Hendriks, Business Development Manager Hydro Style

“We earned our investment back within one year.”

Gerard Wijma, Director Finance and Operations at Broekhof

“With investments in IT systems and efforts to fully integrate our operational offerings for the industry, we have Sana Commerce leveraging those investments by giving our customers online visibility of our catalog and all the business logic real-time.”

Alan Welsh, Procurement Team Leader at Safar Oilfield Services

“We have substantially improved the scalability of our order intake and are now able to take in any number of orders with the same amount of employees.”

Jacques van Strien, Owner and Director at Van Strien

“Customers are now able to quickly and easily find detailed product information.”

Henk Zandbergen, Project Manager at Van Ommen


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