Satya Nadella Keynote at Inspire 2018!

Microsoft Inspire Event

July 18, 2018, Las Vegas

This morning at the corenote Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) took stage to a significant standing ovation. There were 18,000 people present that represent another 17 million persons employed alongside the attendees.

Satya issued a heartfelt “thank you” to all partners indicating that we have just had an amazing year. Of all the different types of partners in the arena the “success that our customers achieve is what binds us together.”

“We are entering a new era of Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge. What we will see in the near future is truly profound as computing has become part of our world and life.” Tech spending is 5% of the world’s GDP.

Satya indicated that we have to do our very best work when it comes to privacy and that privacy is a human right [ Of course you had to give up your privacy in order to attend this event but that must have been overlooked -😊]. Satya indicated that Microsoft has poured a lot of energy and resources into GDPR.

Satya wanted to enforce that Microsoft’s mission statement is their guiding principle every day in everything that they do [to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more].

Satya stated that Azure now has 54 datacenter regions around the world and that they have the best compliance of any public cloud. In these datacenters there is enough cable to go to the moon and back 3 times. They have been installing datacenters under the surface of the ocean and this had been helpful since 80% of the world’s population is in close proximity to a coast. Microsoft can now build a new datacenter in 90 days.

Microsoft has been working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for 25 years and they are going to infuse their products with AI. AI requires a set of principals that guide the development of the technology and Microsoft is diligently working on this. Currently the most sophisticated AI is being applied to the retail sector. The use of AI has far reaching consequences for our planet with it’s perception ability. Satya gave an example of using AI in the Healthcare sector which compromises 18% of US GDP. Stewart Healthcare is using AI to ensure that the healthcare recommendations and costs are optimized with the outcome. And AI is also being used in full duplex conversations currently. Microsoft will democratize these breakthroughs and make them available to the world.

Satya then gave examples of how he used Outlook, Teams and Yammer everyday to manage his time and priorities. Perfect examples of the modern workplace which enable all of us to have a growth mindset.

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