Save time with Bank Account Reconciliations using Auto-Matching in Dynamics NAV 2015

In earlier versions, setting up an import template, bank file import routines and matching algorithms, required customization. The latest version of NAV 2015 brings the functionality that was already present in 2013 R2 for SEPA transactions in Europe to North America. The out-of-the box Bank Data Conversion Service allows:

  1. Configuration and export of payment files from Dynamics NAV 2015 in any format required by your bank

  2. Import of bank statement files from your bank into NAV 2015

  3. Reconciliation of the bulk of imported bank statement lines automatically against bank ledger entries in NAV 2015 and manually match the remaining entries

  4. New TEST and statement reports for the Bank Reconciliation with Auto-Matching feature

In addition to importing bank statement lines from a bank file via the new “Import Bank Statement” feature, the “Suggest Lines” function can be used to create lines to be matched against the Bank Ledger Entries. The process of matching (rather than marking “cleared” as in the older versions) is the same for both imported statement lines and manually created lines (per the Suggest Lines function).

Those of you familiar with NAV will notice that the three FastTabs (Checks, Deposits/Transfers and Adjustments) have been replaced by a two way horizontally split page that shows suggested or imported lines on the left and Bank Account Ledger Entries on the right to make matching entries a more intuitive user experience. Adjustments can be made by using the “Transfer to General Journal” function from the Action ribbon and the “Type” field can be used to filter on Checks for separate review.

The new Bank Reconciliation with Auto-Matching feature as well as the previous Bank Reconciliation are available in NAV2015 and can be set for the implementation based on your preference with one click in the General Ledger Setup page. The new feature with auto-matching is set by default.

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