The Cloud and Microsoft Azure. What’s it all about, who is using it, and why do we care?

You have undoubtedly heard about this ‘cloud’ thing everyone is talking about.


What’s it all about?

The cloud we are talking about is not the big fluffy mass you see in the sky.

The Cloud is using Software and Services on the Internet.

The Cloud is about decreasing the total cost of ownership, and increasing efficiency, security, and storage through the ability to move resources like application servers, file/data storage, software and databases from your company’s premise to the Internet.

AZURE is Microsoft’s cloud solution

Who is actually using it?

66% of the Fortune 500 is on the Microsoft Cloud according to Microsoft. More than 50% of U.S. businesses according to Forbes Magazine.  90% of global internet users according to Business Insider which probably means that you are using it already. How is this possible? What you may not realize is that if you are using the Internet, you are probably already using the cloud, on your workstation, laptop, IPad and/or smartphone. If you can access it from any device, you are probably in the cloud.

Why should you care?


With an internet connection, you can use the cloud from anywhere, anytime.

You can access your files and software 24/7  from multiple devices and easily share files in the cloud for more collaborative work.

You have access to enterprise class technology without the huge capital outlay. Due to the economies of scale, you get access to the tools big companies are using at a reasonable price. With the cloud, flexibility and scalability are a snap. Select the number and type of processors and storage space and a server will be spun up in a few minutes.

You will benefit from a reduction in time to deploy new or reduce resources by making changes with the click of a button instead of waiting weeks to purchase, install, and configure new resources.

Some of your applications will benefit from automatic software updates where the vendor takes care of regular software updates including security updates. This allows you to focus on your business, not your IT infrastructure and it frees up IT staff for other projects with more ROI.

If one of your goals is to be green, then you’re helping the environment by saving energy, because different companies can share the same physical resources securely and you use only what you need. You will leave a smaller carbon footprint.


Savings over in-house systems and staff can be significant.

No large up front costs like when you host applications on-site and you have to make investments in hardware , operating systems, and applications before you really know how much you will need to use and how much those needs will grow. When you host on-premise solutions you are probably overbuying for future expansion.

Reduction of existing costs with less management of  hardware, and less maintenance of servers with updates. The cloud is budget friendly as it allows pay as you go for monthly usage. This is nicer for cash flow purposes.

No long term commitment and you will benefit from reasonable subscription prices because cloud companies achieve economies of scale and you get low rates for usage.


Disaster Recovery is built in which allows for faster recovery and the data is stored offsite.

Files are securely encrypted.

With the cloud you get backup generators for power outages, redundant high-end servers that keep going even if a component fails, multiple data centers with redundancy of data between centers, and multiple redundant connections to each data center. In short, you get resources of the big boys even though your company may be small presently. With Azure you get 24/7 tech support backed by Enterprise grade SLA’s (Service Level Agreements for uptime) with 99.95% guaranteed availability.

Ready to learn more about how cloud computing with Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Azure can benefit you?

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