The PB&J Software Combo of the Year!

Why Cloud based ERP Microsoft NAV and Office 365 are the best combined solution for the 2015 corporations.

First in line is the Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Cloud ERP was developed to actualize the full potential of small and medium sized businesses in achieving a more adaptable business process transformation. Cloud ERP was specifically designed to assist as a Cloud Accounting Software for accounting and manufacturing firms. The ERP makes use of cloud computing services and platforms to administer, organize and handle the human resource, fixed assets and inventory which are considered the most crucial investments in any corporation. Modern day businesses require management programs like these which are flexible with any operating device including Mac, Windows or Linux Computers giving the users the power to administer their authority in the best interests of the company. This will entitle the people to take control of their own business giving into competitive strengths by allowing them to work from anywhere on any device.

The most comprehensive cloud based ERP is Microsoft NAV. This tool allows one to drastically transform the environment of their business by providing real-time updated information. This tool focuses on providing up-to-date current integrated data to everyone inside an organization where employees can efficiently monitor output and growth from anywhere on the road or at home. Synchronized with outlook, Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you make informed and effective decisions and alerts you to any changes in your business’ status. Popular in sectors like Distribution, Retail and Manufacturing this tool helps you gain control over the information necessary to run your company.

Lastly, we have Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is an all around management program. This tool helps you integrate your devices and access the enterprise software from anywhere you wish. This allows for updated and synchronized flow of information throughout the organization and the best part about Office 365 is that it is constantly updated with the latest versions.


These solutions have shown their cost effective benefits to numerous organizations. Cloud ERP with Microsoft NAV and Office 365 are no doubt the best combined solution for growing 2015 corporations. ​

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