Top 10 Business Central Websites

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

There is a plethora of useful information for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central prospects and customers available on the web. In this blog we will list the top ten URLs you should bookmark. These cover everything from product documentation and training to strategy and support.

For those of you that come from the world of Dynamics NAV/GP/SL and CustomerSource (shudder) Microsoft has completely revamped how relevant product information is published and consumed. It is a lot easier now as most everything is not gated (no login required). Without further ado, here is the list:

1 - Business Central User Guide contains documentation for just about every Microsoft product out there, from Windows to Azure to even Xbox. Our focus today is of course on Business Central. The Business Central User Guide contains detailed guidance on setting up and using Business Central and sections for every module. It has a great search feature so you can quickly find what you are looking for. Trying to figure how out to do a bank reconciliation, simply search for bank reconciliation in the search bar. This is what the Business Central in-application help links you to but is worthy of its own bookmark on your shortcut bar.

2 - eLearning

In the old days for NAV, GP and SL, you had to log into CustomerSource which would then link you to another eLearning site to see what was usually a disappointingly short list of eLearning options for your product. Those days are gone, and you can now easily and freely access over 100 Business Central courses at the link provided. These courses typically range in length from ~30 minutes to a few hours and often include exercises and quizzes to help reinforce what you learn.

3 - AppSource

Do you like to shop? If so, AppSource is the place for you! In all seriousness AppSource is a wonderful resource and contains over 400 add on apps for Business Central. These apps cover all kinds of functionality, ranging from credit card processing to EDI to bar code scanning, you name it. The best part is that to try out new apps in your Business Central environment all you need to do is click a few buttons to install a trial version of the app. Just like your phone! Except the apps usually cost more than 99 cents.

4 - Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the complaints about Business Central for people coming from on premise solutions has been the lack of keyboard shortcuts. Microsoft listened and with the latest wave 2 release Business Central has really closed, if not eliminated, that gap. At this link you can find a list of all the keyboard shortcuts supported by Business Central as well as a handy dandy printer-friendly version of the most popular short cuts you can print out and stick up on your wall.

5 - Dynamics 365 Application Ideas

This site is where you can make, and even vote on, Business Central product suggestions. There are categories for different functional areas, like financials or manufacturing, and for topics such as documentation, development and administration. If you have a Business Central suggestion this is where you need to go. And please do. Microsoft uses this information when coming up with their product release plans.

6 -Dynamics 365 Community Page

This site is all about users helping users. Here you can get help from experts and peers in forums, discover blogs, webinars, videos, events, and more. The highlight is really the online forum and it really is wonderful to see how the community helps each other out.

7 - Business Central Roadmap

This is where you can find what is new in Business Central. From the road map page you will find links to the latest release notes, such as those for the most recent Overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central 2019 release wave 2.

8 - Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Blog Page

For a higher-level perspective on what is going on in the world of Dynamics 365, visit Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 blog page. Here the topics really embrace the whole Microsoft ecosystem and often contain real use cases and examples of how digital transformation can help businesses compete in the 21st century.

9 -Business Central Minimum Requirements

People ask this all the time. What do I need to run Business Central? This link runs you through the device and software requirements. The TL;DR version is it runs on any type of device running Windows, iOS, OSX and Android with an up to date browser. People also ask about bandwidth requirements and our response to that is if your general web browsing experience is satisfactory, your Business Central should be satisfactory.

10 - ABS Customer Care

If you went through all the above and still have some kind of problem, visit our website and we would be glad to help. ABS has been supporting NAV, and now Business Central, since 1999 and had the first successful Business Central go live back in 2016. The link provided describes the ABS Customer Care program or you can jump straight to our contact us page.

About the Author

George Delp is the Business Development Manager for Advanced Business Systems. George started his professional career as an information systems auditor and is a former CPA/CISA. For the past twenty plus years he has helped companies select and implement ERP software solutions, including Solomon (SL), Great Plains (GP), Navision (NAV) and now Business Central.

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