Up, Up and Away! Dynamics NAV

Just how good is Dynamics NAV Doing?  Unbelievably Good and It’s Getting Better!

At Convergence 2015 we learned that NAV has crossed the 110,000 company user threshold mark. I was suprised by the number as it seems that the rate of new customer adds is picking up. According to Partner Compete it most certainly is.

Compared to NetSuite a heavily marketed Cloud ERP solution NAV is outselling Netsuite by a multiple of 5. Then we have how Dynamics NAV relates to the other Dynamics products regarding the install base.

Below is the graph from PartnerCompete:


Wow, DynamicsNAV added over 8,000 installs over the last year! That is incredible. Just think what would be possible with more marketing support. Cortana, can we get some marketing help here? Pedal to the metal time, IMHO.

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