Updated Info regarding the Modern UI and AI code in Business Central

During the Directions Keynote session on Sunday, Mike Ehrenberg delivered much of the information regarding the Roadmap for Dynamics 365 Business Central and the investment that Microsoft is making in the product. Mr. Ehrenberg is one of only 22 Technical Fellows at Microsoft and is also the General Manager of Dynamics 365 Business Central. He has been in the Dynamics business unit for over 15 years and he stated that with “Business Central” we have an unmatched value proposition.” The Dynamics business now has significant visibility to the top executives within the huge Microsoft organization.

Mike indicated that they are committed to on-premise Business Central but that the majority of their investment is in the cloud. The cloud service is being improved even further for Stability, Security, and Performance. In the stability area they have added more telemetry to detect configuration errors along with automated, proactive logging and improved error messages. All of these features alert Microsoft personnel to potential issues long before it becomes a problem for our customers. Mike described how the Business Central Security team works tirelessly behind the scenes to safeguard the security of our data. And of course Business Central meets all of the industry security and privacy compliance standards. For a complete list of all certificates visit: https://aka.ms/d365-compliance-list

One of the most interesting revelations of Mr. Ehrenberg’s presentation was the fact that they have moved up the date for Business Central to only utilize the Modern Client as well as the transition for C/AL code to Visual Studio and AI code. This has now been moved up from 2020 to the October 2019 release. The “Modern Client” is the term for the browser UI. So the windows client will be dropped sooner than expected but that is due to the significant advances that they have made with the browser based client.  And the move to Visual Studio and AI is well past time and Microsoft has decided they are comfortable with moving that up as well.

So ABS once again feels confident in the direction that Microsoft is heading with Business Central. As indicated by Mike Ehrenberg it is an “unmatched value proposition.” Please stay tuned for more information from our team.

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