Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Customer Statement Report Missing Logo

Do you have a standard report that is running slow or not working properly?  

 I have one;  the Customer Statement – Report# 10072 for the Dynamics NAV NA Version has an issue with the logo not printing on the report layout.

When you view the RDLC Layout for Customer Statement Report 10072 you will discover that the layout is missing the Image controls on the report.

The Image controls are used to display the BLOB Picture data that is stored in the Company Information Picture field.

Below I have added the three missing image controls to the header of the report.

Once I added the new image controls I realized how slow this report was running. I did a little investigating and found the problem in the RDLC Dataset.

You can view the report RDLC Dataset using the Help -> About This Report in the Report Preview window.

You can see that the CompanyInformation_Picture Blob Field Data is repeated for each record in the dataset. This is not good because this slows the report down and could lead to the report not being able to render entirely due to out of memory error.

So some additional work is required to only output the CompanyInformation_Picture Blob Field Data once for the report.

First you will need to add the Integer DataItem to the top of the Report Dataset Designer and move the Company Information Picture fields under the new DataItem.

Next You Will Need To Update The Value On the CompanyInfoPicture Controls to =Convert.FromBase64String(Convert.ToBase64String(First(Fields!CompanyInformation_Picture.Value, “DataSet_Result”)))

Note: The First Aggregate is required to ensure you read the newly created CompanyLogo Data item.

Finally we need to filter out the logo data from the report to prevent the report from having a blank page at the beginning.

We can now run the Report dataset and see that now we only have the Picture data once for the entire report.

After upgrading reports with logo data I now check the Report Dataset and see if the logo is repeated for each record.

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