Urgent: NAV Users with ChargeLogic EMV Deadline

Below is extremely important information for anyone running Chargelogic with NAV or LS Retail. This information comes straight from Chargelogic.

Five Steps for Getting EMV Ready with ChargeLogic

The October 1, 2015, liability shift is fast approaching, so if EMV is on your radar, there are some important things you’ll need to know in order to meet the deadline. ChargeLogic Payments has always focused on providing secure credit card processing software for Dynamics NAV and LS Retail and we continue to focus on security as we prepare for EMV. As a ChargeLogic Payments customer, there are five key things you must consider in order to be EMV ready.

 1. PIN Pads

ChargeLogic Payments is certifying on the VeriFone MX 915 and MX 925 PIN pads. In order to use ChargeLogic Payments and be EMV ready, step one is to have the VeriFone MX 900 series PIN pads, which enable you to accept chip-and-PIN cards. We chose to certify with VeriFone because their PIN pads are well supported and reputable. If you haven’t ordered these PIN pads yet, you should be aware that it can take several months to get your order, so place your order as soon as possible.

 2. Payment Processing Platform

ChargeLogic is certifying on the payment processing platforms that our customers are currently using, so if you are thinking of changing platforms, we highly suggest that you don’t—at least not yet. Although most payment processors are EMV ready, the only way that ChargeLogic customers can be EMV ready is by using one of the payment processors with which we will be EMV certifying. If you have questions, be sure to talk to your Dynamics NAV partner before making any changes.

3. Upgrade ChargeLogic

You will need to upgrade to ChargeLogic 5.0, which we are working to have ready by October.

4. ChargeLogic EMV Granule

You will need to purchase the ChargeLogic Payments EMV granule, which will be available with the release of ChargeLogic 5.0.

5. Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If you are using NAV 2013 and up, you will not need to upgrade. Our goal is to be able to support NAV 3.6 and higher, but we don’t know if that is possible yet. We are waiting on external variables which will determine what versions of NAV we can support.

Important Information for Chargelogic Users regarding EMV Deadline. EMV is a large initiative that requires thoughtful planning. Your Dynamics NAV partner is the resource that will help you with software purchases and upgrades and can help you set the schedule to meet the October 1st liability shift deadline.

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