Using Dynamics NAV Rapid Start Services to Import a General Journal

From within Dynamics NAV, I am going to create a new Rapid Start Package.

I assign a Code of JOURNAL IMPORT and a Package Name of Journal Import to my new Package record.

After my header is completed, in the Tables sub-page I enter Table ID 81 (which is the Gen. Journal Line table (the table that you are actually entering records to when you key in a journal entry)).

Once that is complete, form the Table button I select Fields.  In the Fields window I select/deselect fields to limit the scope of my import to only the relevant data fields.  Upon completion, for my import requirements, my Fields window looks as below:

From my Package Card window, the next step is to allow Dynamics NAV to create my Excel Import template for me.  From the Excel button, select Export to Excel.  An Excel spreadsheet is generated which I will save locally.

Within my template I will enter the values for my Journal Entry.

The next step is to Import my template.  On the Package Card, from the Excel button I will now select Import from Excel.

I select the JournalImportTemplate.xlsx that was created and populated earlier and click Open.

Now that Dynamics NAV has my import Excel file, I will select Apply Package from the ribbon at the top of my Package Card window.  NAV will process my import and report back with Tables Imported and Errors Found (if any).

The final required step is to open my General Journal and review and Post my imported Journal Entries.

You may have noticed that my Imported Journal Entries appear to contain additional data as compared to my import template.  This is because Dynamics NAV’s business logic and validation has occurred during my import and relevant related data was populated in the same manner it would have been if I had keyed these entries directly through the UI (User Interface).

Rapid Start Services for Dyanamics NAV allows import and export of Dyanamics NAV data without any development skills or custom coding.  Because of the inherent data validation and error processing you will not have to worry about your users importing “bad data” ever again.

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