What to do when D365 Sales addon for Outlook won’t search Dynamics CRM Online

I apologize for the long title, but it strangely matches all the back and forth we went through to resolve this issue for one of our team.

If you’re not familiar with it, the D365 Sales addon for Outlook gives you access to CRM inside Outlook, so you can create Accounts or Leads or Quotes, etc.

It runs in the Outlook desktop client, as well as the web client at https://portal.office.com.

What our team member experienced specifically, was that when they tried to associate an e-mail with an account, and typed the name in the search window, nothing would show up on the list, even though the record was there in the CRM online.

It’s important to note that our team member was able to search beforehand.

Other records wouldn’t show up as well, but I believe some were still working.

So, the first thing we tried, was to remove and reinstall the add-on. In D365 Sales (CRM online) this is done by removing the D365 Outlook add-on role inside CRM / Settings / Security / Users / User Roles.

Since that didn’t resolve the problem, even after rebooting the laptop in question, we looked online for any examples of this problem to no avail. We then had to open up a ticket with Microsoft Support, which had heard of the problem, and had a dandy solution.

They didn’t point us to a KB article, but instead gave us these instructions:

Cause: ​

Our Product team did some variable manipulation changes to the search xml and created an issue that the cache gets filled with results of empty list the way to fix the issue its to clear out those incorrectly fetch xml request.


Clear the cache of Internet explorer if that does not work perform the following steps:

a.       Open Dynamics app in desktop client

b.       Open IEChooser.exe in %WindowsFolder%\System32\F12

c.       Click on Dynamics 365 thread

d.       Go to Network tab and click clear cache button

This solution does not work for windows 7. We are currently working on a fix for this issue. Please try the steps and let me know the results.

So, I tried that in my laptop, and that seemed to work fine, even though I wasn’t experiencing the issue, I was able to follow the instructions and hence sent them to our team member, who didn’t get anything in the IEChooser.exe, as below

The answer came back from Microsoft, which finally resolved the issue was to close all the web browser applications and then open outlook and finally the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, then the IEChooser  its going to show the App and then he can clear the cache.

After taking the above steps our team member was able to clear the cache, restart Outlook, and finally able to search again.

We hope this helps you solve your issue, but if you need any further help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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