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Depositphotos_2806432_original-200x200Every business on Dynamics NAV will eventually need some sort of support from experienced  and capable NAV resources. There are many different types of NAV Support plans offered in the open marketplace. Some of these support plans are marketed as “Unlimited Support” plans. This label may be misleading.  What typically is offered in these “Unlimited Support” plans for NAV is “Break/Fix” support.

Some examples of “Break/Fix” support are:

  1. NAV is all of a sudden sending an error message for something that previously worked in NAV but is no longer working
  2. Can’t post a document in NAV where similar documents have been posted previously.
  3. Can’t access NAV
  4. Have a question about NAV

Typically these support plans will not cover the following:

  1. New functionality that has not previously been used before needs to be setup
  2. Training on new functionality
  3. Company personnel have setup a new employee, customer, vendor, item, etc. and things are not posting properly in NAV
  4. Modifications to NAV or support of older Modifications
  5. Troubleshooting security setup for individual users
  6. Many more
Obviously ABS could offer unlimited support options for our customers as well but with NAV that is not what most customers need. The Unlimited Support plans get you in the door and the Solution Center will then start billing you for the extras. Most of our end users use NAV as a tool to defeat their competition. As such they are constantly tweaking NAV by bringing on standard functionality, doing modifications, installing add-ons, and generally improving their already implemented system. An Unlimited plan that is limited to “Break/Fix” will not cover this type of organization.

The ABS Support Plans are designed to provide companies what they need related to NAV services including:

  1. General  help
  2. Training
  3. Implementation assistance
  4. Custom development work
  5. Installation, configuration, and adaptation of new functionality in NAV or functionality that has not been utilized previously.
  6. Installation and configuration of add-on solutions to NAV
  7. The infrastructure associated with NAV!!!


We offer 4 levels of Plans to accommodate our customers.
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum  
Please give us a call today to find out why we say these are the most comprehensive and trouble-free plans available in the market.
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