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Boosting employee morale is an important priority for your company’s smooth operations and culture. Empower your employees to feel confident in their jobs by ensuring that they know how to operate the software.

Enjoy training to match different learning styles with Advanced Business Systems training options.

  • Train the trainer: Our implementation project team trains your selected skilled employee(s) on the software features, and they, in turn, train your team members.

  • Engage Advanced Business Systems for one-on-one training when needed to onboard a new employee.

  • Videos: Microsoft has video training and documentation available online. Our team has created several videos and are regularly adding to our video library with explainer videos.

  • Blogs: We have several “how to” blogs that your team can access.

Your implementation or upgrade team will meet with you to plan the best strategy for training your employees. We are focused on making sure your new technology is successfully implemented and that your staff is confident when doing everyday business tasks.  

During your Microsoft Dynamics software implementation or upgrade and beyond, it is important to ensure your team members are fully trained on all the features of your new solution. We can help you gain access to CustomerSource, a key benefit of the Business Ready Enhancement Plan, as well as to our training tools and offerings. CustomerSource gives you access to valuable online training tools, tips and tricks to help your users get the most benefit from the new solution, and a broad community of other Microsoft Dynamics users from whom you can learn.

  • The frequency, duration and cost of training provided by ABS will be dependent upon the project plan as defined before the project starts.  Traditionally, a train-the-trainer approach is used. There are also Microsoft documents and training videos online. Ultimately, it is the customer that determines the training approach, frequency and cost of the training provided by ABS.

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